VERBIS library system

VERBIS is the latest version of the KP-SYS library system.

Integrated - all modules are interconnected, from acquisition to borrowing.
Complex - Completely covers all processes in the library.
Modular - just select those modules you really need if they are missing - we can add them.

System properties

    Robust database foundation - Oracle, Firebird
    Deployment variability - Windows and Linux servers
    The three-tier architecture ensures the security and reliability of the system
    The ability to run as a SaaS service

In all versions of the document processing program, data export and import, collaboration with union catalogs, system localization, definable keyboard shortcuts and program appearance, scheduled tasks such as automatic pre-menus submission, backup, program update. Print engine with robust print designer, Z39.50 client, complete exchange management, regional systems. Full integration of RFID. Integration of payment gateway and card terminals, ready for EET


Supported Protocols and Standards:


    MARC21, UNIMARC, MARCXML, ISO2709, ISO960 - all in UNICODE
    Z39.50 (i update), OAI-PMH, NCIP, RFID, SIP2
    RDA, AACR2 - including automatic punctuation and RDA rules
    LUCENE - fulltext search

Overview of modules and their properties


  •     Implementation of full MARC21. Data is stored directly in MARC21 fields. Supports ISO2709, XML, ISBD, and AACR2
  •     In the system, punctuation functions are incorporated in the MARC21
  •     Processing of all kinds of documents (By default, the following types of documents are prepared: Monographs, Old Prints, Periodicals, Standards, Travel Reports, Protective Documents, Maps, Music Documents, Audiovisual Documents, Electronic Documents, Research Reports, book, Lectures etc.)
  •     MARC editor (optional lock of open record, check of user levels for recording)
  •     Automatic duplicate check, field fill accuracy checks (eg ISBN, ISSN)
  •     Editing directly into fields and underlying MARC21 with the ability to define subfield rankings, indicators, the use of phrasal dictionaries, authority validation dictionaries, and predefined dials. Simple insertion of fields 007,008 (fixed length fields). Automatically input predefined values ​​into defined fields in different document types
  •     Index search
  •     All defined authorities are automatically searchable in the registers, including Boolean operators
  •     In any field, the option of inserting links of different types (external objects)
  •     Automated submission of records to a union catalog
  •     Exports to the CASLIN union catalog in MARC21 format with recordable record that was sent with automatic review and error and detected record deficiencies - automatic scan against SKC
  •     Export and Import MARC21 / UNIMARC - ISO2709 / XML / TXT - WIN1250 / UTF8
  •     Exports by pre-prepared templates (inventories, bibliographies)
  •     History of processing bibliographic records and individual volumes
  •     Inserting arbitrary digital objects into a record - building a digital library

Loan system:

  •     Variable category settings
  •     Parameters adjustability - Readers category, document categories, length of loan, prolongations, bookings, fees by department of rentals, etc.)
  •     Complete parameterization of fees and fines by categories of readers and borrowers
  •     According to the predefined parameters, the option to send both pre-mentions and reminders in a defined way (the way of sending can be read by each reader - email, SMS, post)
  •     Obvious features to enable and disable readers
  •     Readers' and borrowers' records, the ability to set up on-line reader readings from institutions' registers
  •     Resolution of absenteeism and attendance borrowing, including bail
  •     Library-defined print outputs (reminders, reservations, borrowing confirmation, return receipt, library application, readership)
  •     Complete reports and charge reports for a given period
  •     Log file - Settable storage of all borrow log transactions into a text file
  •     Combined input of data via keyboard (number of legitimation, surname) as well as bar code, magnetic card
  •     Existence of a single database of users indicating their belonging to the department or branch of the library and their categorization
  •     Clear entry mask with basic reader information: title, name, surname, category, birth number, OP number, date of registration, registration of all payments, permanent and temporary residence, note, employer, employment, education - other common items given by categories parameters (e.g., registration time)
  •     Print readers' credentials, applications, addresses, etc. in user-defined formats
  •     Print and copy of payment confirmations, fee records, history of fees, confirmation of surrender refund
  •     An overview of the status of each reader's financial account, payment history
  •     Find a reader - Preferably bar code, card number, surname, name
  •     Complete statistics of visitors and readers, including their membership in the Department of Public Library
  •     Automatic customer account tracking
  •     Document orders from external warehouses
  •     When borrowing the possibility of tracing the document in the catalog
  •     Verifying eligibility for borrowing, checking reader and document parameters, and automatically retrieving return data
  •     The possibility of borrowing a previously unprocessed document
  •     Title loans (tracking of pieces)
  •     Combined input of data via keyboard (incremental number, signature) and barcode
  •     Direct Return of Documents (Signature, Incremental Number, Barcode) without Finding a Reader
  •     Return of documents (signature, incremental number, barcode) from the user's record of the borrower
  •     Check availability of documents, reminders, and bookings
  •     Return and lease via any specimen identifier (barcode, signature, incremental number, RFID)
  •     Reporting on the existence of attachments for both borrowing and return
  •     Automatic archiving of returned documents data
  •     Print a receipt for borrowing and returning a document
  •     Ability to reverse cataloging at the same time as the loan of a document that has not yet been cataloged (inserting the name or the author and the document type)
  •     When returning an incompletely processed document, the information about the need to return it to completion (backward cataloging)
  •     Document booking by another user
  •     Dislocation recording capability (unlimited and long-term borrowing)
  •     Current user information and loan status on a clear screen
  •     Automatic generation of document return date with individual change of loan parameters according to librarian's consideration
  •     Possibility to lend to a preset time limit or a pre-set return date
  •     Signal overrun of the borrowing period
  •     Checking customer eligibility
  •     Check for registration and automatic display of account status
  •     Blocking services
  • Records of requests for reservations and orders from the program or from the OPAC Portaro
  •     Reservations at the discretion of the librarian
  •     When booking a reserved title, the booking information is returned
  •     Additional booking function directly in visitor visitor
  •     Current information on borrowing and booking of documents
  •     Individual and batch print reservation information ready to be borrowed
  •     Automatic scrolling of a series of reservations (queues) at the moment of the loan
  •     Cancellation option
  •     Document status tracking - always in relation to the entire title
  •     Option to order a free document
  •     Possibility of prolongation of selected borrowed document with respect to category and booking
  •     Possibility of group prolongations (eg all borrowings of the given visitor)
  •     Automatic override option when visiting a library
  •     Option of any reversal of the return date with respect to category and booking
  •     Possibility to prolong the aforementioned document - with alert
  •     Adjustable prolongation restrictions
  •     Reminders and fines
  •     Generate reminders and fees when your loan period is exceeded
  •     Automatically distinguish the order of reminders by parameterization
  •     Differentiating the categories of customers, their belonging to the department
  •     User defined outputs
  •     Individual and batch printing of reminders with the date and date of sending by e-mail and SMS
  •     Automatic late finishing fines (also adjustable as a multiple of the interval without the use of free days, etc.)
  •     Booking notice
  •     Individual and group print reservations and orders
  •     A special overview of sent, unposted reservations and orders
  •     Repeated printing, e-mail and SMS sending
  •     Automatic update when borrowing or interference
  •     Booking notification automatically by e-mail or SMS immediately when you return the document


  •     Automatic generation of incremental numbers, signatures, and barcodes
  •     Generator with extensive set-up of various series of increments, signatures and barcodes. By type of documents, branches,
  •     Desiderat database and other purchase, order and urgency requests, receipt of documents, invoice and documents
  •     Records of suppliers and subscribed titles with a definable worksheet
  •     Financial statistics to suppliers
  •     Records of any documents (invoices, paragons, gifts)
  •     Records of other invoice items (postage, packaging, etc.)
  •     Subscription tracking for individual titles and vendors and actually delivered numbers
  •     Freely definable ordering texts using a print designer
  •     Possibility to urge undelivered numbers or undelivered pieces when receiving a document or in bulk
  •     Urgence by vendors
  •     Freely definable emergency texts
  •     Branch system - receipt of documents by branch distributor and freely definable analytical accounts with the possibility of monitoring budgets and drawdowns
  •     For each item of the invoice, you can define the financial breakdown (which branch or department is involved in financing this item, for example, if part of the payment is paid to the central library and eg the department)
  •     The acquisition record is matched by MARC21. It is possible to modify fields and subfields like all other types of documents. Set any mask
  •     The Z39.50 client download client is already in the process of acquisition
  •     Records of periodicals - serials management
  •     A volume table is linked to the given record, where the year, year, periodicity, ordered pieces, etc. are defined,
  •     Individual numbers or tied series may be barcoded
  •     Automatically offer the expected number
  •     Possibility to register doublets, triplets, supplements, ročenek, etc.
  •     Number assignment: category, method of acquisition, price, number of pieces, location, barcode, etc.
  •     In the table of individual numbers, you can make any selection and assign it to a specific bound document
  •     Bindings of individual numbers and entire volumes
  •     Overview of linked documents and their content (numbers, volumes)
  •     Monitor status (availability, location) of individual numbers
  •     Electronic ordering and urgency

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