Portaro - web catalog

Modern - Uses state-of-the-art web-based elements that keep it in step with time. It is optimized for all devices from computers to mobile phones. It quickly searches in bulk data with Apache LuceneTM.

User-friendly - Developed so that the user can start searching the catalog immediately.

Safe - Portaro is tested for resistance to various types of Internet attacks so users and librarians do not have to worry about their data.

Modular - Portaro can be expanded with additional modules such as Digital Library, e-Verbis, Request System, or a new module that we can create based on customer requirements.

Configurable - Contains a module for modifying catalog appearance, printing reports and search settings, all conveniently online via web browser.


Possible extensions:

Request system - for book vendors, greatly reducing library costs
NCIP and OAI - to communicate with other systems
CitacePRO - Linking to a citation service providing many citation formats
Electronic Loans - Integrated support for e-Reading, FlexiBooks and similar services

Web-based library system for online cataloging and lending of books, statistics, system configuration, periodical management, Z39.50 client.

Digital library and repository
Possibility to import metadata in a format according to the official standard of the National Library of the Czech Republic. Search both in bibliographic records and in full text. Generate PDF documents from selected pages. Web-based portal with comfortable viewing of digital documents. Definitive copyright protection system for digital documents.

Union Catalog
Central Index (CI) from more collaborative libraries, but also from heterogeneous sources. Automatic and batch update of CI data. Harvesting data from libraries with different systems to a central index creating regional or special portals. Online display of document availability.

Property Overview:

  •     Integrated full-text search (LUCENE) including search for similar words
  •     Integration of sign-in via MOJEID
  •     PayPal payment gateway integration
  •     Using search and scroll registers (names, field passwords, authorities)
  •     Definitive search forms (global search, simple search) for bibliographic and authoritative searches
  •     Definitive search queries with optional use of wildcard characters and logical operators (AND, OR, NOT)
  •     Possibility to store queries, news service
  •     Hypertext navigation between records through selection terms
  •     Optional search with diacritics and non-diacritics
  •     Possible to switch language interface (standard Czech, English, French, Slovak and German), easily expandable with other languages
  •     Access to the Portaro www catalog is not limited by the number of users
  •     Possibility to request a document reservation and order (requests)
  •     Possibility to create an MVS request or a library purchase proposal when searching through an integrated Z39.50 client
  •     Viewing a user account - status of finance (library commitments), history of payments, borrowings, reservations, orders
  •     The possibility of prolonging a document by a user according to the rules defined by the library
  •     Order Status Monitor (Requests)
  •     The possibility of cancellation of reservations by the reader
  •     Possibility to manage previously stored queries
  •     Marking retrieved records and storing them in the clipboard
  •     Viewing the Clipboard
  •     Possibility to store queries, news service
  •     Print (save) records in definable formats
  •     Export records (e-mails) in definable formats (ISO2709, MARC21, ISBD)
  •     Possibility of discussions on bibliographic records and their evaluation
  •     Configurable look, easy to deploy to the existing website of the institution
  •     Definitive styles (CSS), html templates, all reports, field names, records viewing formats, the ability to implement finished HTML pages
  •     Tomcat application server for Windows, Linux, Unix ad.
  •     Intranet / Internet access (with database rights restriction)
  •     Technology JAVA, LUCENE
  •     Any character set supported by the browser
  •     Login according to the reader's card and the reader's name, the ability to define user name and PIN, support for MyID, OpenID
  •     Parameterizable display of contents of records and copy data
  •     View document availability
  •     Possibility of provisional (temporary) registration
  •     e-Verbis - Active WWW Client "for departmental libraries, records of publishing activities - recording of specimens, possibility of cataloging a shortened record. Including optional borrowing and return features. (via secure SSL protocol)
  •     Implemented by Z39.50 client for parallel search in external and internal resources Authentication of internal users through central authentication services of the institution
  •     Simple implementation to the institution's Web site
  •     Centralized records of publication activity (RIV) via web interface


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